New at Shelter Surf Shop – Anderson Surfboards and this weeks Misc Surf Craft

We are now proud to offer hand crafted surfboards by shaper Scott Anderson. Scott’s hands are responsible for shaping fine boards for the talented feet and discerning tasts of Dane Perterson, Belinda Baggs, Josh Farbarough, Esteban Bojorquez, the Marshall brothers, KP and others.


9′4 Anderson “Bindy (Belinda Baggs) model” noserider with emerald green tint, pinline, gloss & polish, single fin box – $865


7′4 Anderson “Bojorquez” Displacement Hull with light blue opaque lay-up, sand only, single box – $680


6′8 Anderson”Poacher” with pale yellow opaque lay-up, gloss & polish, Future sides, 10 1/2″

center box, all 3 fins included – $650


6′0 Anderson ” Physh” with navy blue tint bottom & rails, medium blue tint deck, pinlines,

gloss & polish, LokBox removable twin keel fins – SOLD

Alt New and Used –


9′8 Michel Junod 2 Tone Longboard with Glass in Fin, Blue Tail, Opaque white nose and black color band – PERFECT CONDITION – SOLD


Josh’s 5’9 custom Fineline Feather. Its a Hull, Its a Quad, Its rad!!

~ by fishmantra on July 16, 2009.

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